Sonja Seidl & Associates

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Cell: 316.640.9898

Sonja Seidl & Associates is a team of experienced real estate agents who are accessible, responsive and efficient in order to serve their clients with the best possible customer service.  They enjoy creating lasting relationships with all of their clients.

Whether you need to Move, Stay or Build, the team of Sonja Seidl & Associates is here to help.

The combined skills of the team members allow for seamless transactions and provides each client with full focus and attention from the team to achieve results.  From the first moment you ask them to list your home, they advise you on how to get your house ready to sell.  They become your counselors and advisors when you are considering the right time and the right price to sell your home.  They help you eliminate clutter and help you “stage” your home for the best possible showings.  Sometimes the process can feel overwhelming, but the team is here to help reduce the stress, and get it sold!

If you are moving to Wichita or the surrounding area, Sonja Seidl & Associates can help your relocation efforts by helping you find the home that best meets your needs.  Because they have numerous resources at their fingertips, they can search for the home that meets your criteria and can help you find the inspectors, surveyors, or lenders that are right for you.  The Sonja Seidl & Associates team can help you find and purchase that perfect home for you!

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